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School Advice

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A great service if you have the time and confidence to contact schools yourself but would like a sounding board to support you.

We think through your education needs and grapple with all your questions and concerns. We’ll then send you a summary of the key issues and solutions. You can then email us with any questions as you move forward.

Our services would include

  • Discussion meetingUp to 45 minutes phone consultancy to evaluate, discuss and plan your children’s education options.
  • Next stepsA document that outlines the key issues and challenges, the solutions and next steps
  • Ongoing helpWe won’t just leave you on your own, we will continue to provide email support for questions and concerns as they arise.
  • Help notesAccess to our fantastic “How to” guides and education alerts bringing you important education news and research.

Next Steps

Use our online contact form or call us on 020 8563 0520 to discuss your needs.

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Case Study

Jane Dare has two kids, 13 and 11, and was worried about their progress at school. She’d talked to friends and done some research herself but was still feeling confused.

Schools Advice helped her benchmark her children’s work, followed up with schools that fitted her needs and provided a list of schools with introductions ready for her to follow up.

Jane wrote “Thanks to “SA”. The kids are settled and I feel confident about our future options.”