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You’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact us.

Our services

What makes Schools Advice unique? We have over 25 years of helping families with schooling yet maintain our “family” approach of offering a personalised service tailored to your needs. We help families of all backgrounds get control of their education choices.

Do you just cover private schools? No, our comprehensive knowledge of the private school system is mirrored by our understanding of state schools, nurseries, special educational needs schools and further and higher education.

Can you help children of all ages? Yes, we help children who are looking to transfer to a new school, for example from from junior to senior, children having challenges within schools, parents who wish to plan for the education of their new babies, or for university and higher education.

Do you help children with special educational needs? Yes, we have extensive experience of helping families find the right schools for children who have special educational needs, both in the state and private sector.

We are moving to a new area, can you help us? Whether your move is domestic or international, whether you are looking at state, private, or international schools, we can help pinpoint the right schools for your children?

Can you help with university applications? Yes. Not only can we advise on what makes a UCAS form stand out, we can research which university courses work best for you and provide guidance on the complicated issue of student finance.

Can you support state school appeals? If appealing for a state school place, we can help your draw together and present your appeals case.

What help can you offer with school entrance exams? We can help you benchmark your child and build a short-list of possible school options. We can provide practice papers and tips on interview success. We can also help source tutors to provide additional help when required.


I’d like to use your service, how can I pay you? You can pay by bank transfer or by personal cheque. We can explain how best to do this over the phone or email.

Do I need to pay in advance? We prefer payment in advance.

If I need a follow up service is it included in the packages? Yes. We will agree the scope of the service when we begin work. Any questions or concerns you have, even once your children are settled, would fall within that service.

Who are your competitors? Our main competitors are Gabbitas and The Goods Schools Guide. We believe both our services and fees are more than competitive.