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State school deadline – 31st October 2012

The closing date for state secondary school applications is Wednesday 31st October, 2012. For state primaries, you have a little more time, deadline day being 15th January 2013.

Up to 10% of families miss this deadline each year, but there seems to be a failure to grasp what missing the deadline will mean.

After the deadline, an application placed will be rested on the back burner until all the “first wave” applications are processed, offer letters sent and responded to. This means that a late application will not be looked at until late March 2013 at the very earliest.

Good state secondary schools are popular and it is (almost) a universal truth that these schools will be filled by the first wave and the best that a late applicant will get is a place on the waiting list.

Education authorities will generally be deaf to sob stories and reasons for placing an application after the deadline – so make sure you get that paperwork submitted.

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